School Engagement 

One day workshops, themed termly events and ongoing school relationships are our expertise. We are experienced in delivering rich music curriculum provision as well as curating themed events, workshops and performances. Our school partners have enjoyed a range of collaborations with Margaret’s Music including; Christmas performances, Black History Month celebrations, Summer Carnivals and learning focused assemblies such as The Fire of London. 

Our Process & Philosophy

Access to music for all

Forging long term partnerships

Delivering creative projects

National Curriculum focus

“Margaret brings life into the heart of the curriculum

Whatever your music, drama or creative needs may be, we have a proven track record of not only delivering engaging workshops but also working with school teams on a short and long term basis.

Our aim is to seamlessly fuse the arts with the broader curriculum to facilitate an exciting, stimulating and memorable learning experience.

Example Project Offers 

With a range of adaptive models in our toolkit as well as our great team and partners, we guarantee we can deliver an engaging project that meets your needs. 

One Day Themed Singing Events

A varied performance of songs, chants percussion and spoken word for the whole school to enjoy is our ‘forte’.

Choose your theme and do the prep and let Margaret’s Music do the rest

In just one day you can host a vibrant and inspiring event with an inspirational performance at the end of the day.


Storytelling With Music


Charm and enthrall your Early Years children with this interactive story telling where your delighted participants will be immersed in a rich musical experience.

Margarets Music will take your very young children on a musical journey with puppets and props to transport young minds into the world of imagination.

Our stories are particularly chosen to reflect the diversity of the community we serve.

10 Week Storytelling & Djembe Project

Listen listen here I come
Margaret’s going to play the drum

Te ke tu ku Tu

Learn the basics of djembe drumming with an introduction to the instrument and its music.

Margaret’s Music can combine a storytelling project with the djembe provision to help you create a musical play with acting, movement, singing and drumming.

Carnival For Early Years

Come to the carnival!

Dress up in fancy clothes.

Bring your friends and family.

Small or huge, Margarets Music can help you create your own carnival event in your nursery setting.

Pick and mix your provision with preliminary workshops, staff training or just the provision on the day with steel bands, brass bands and an authentic carnival procession.

Playground Songs And Games

Skipping, hand clapping chanting and singing!

Restore the music in your playgrounds by enlisting our vibrant team of teachers to recreate the songs and chants from back in the day but with a modern twist.

You can opt for a one day event or a progressive project over the term.

Why not get the whole community involved?

Schedule a Schools Consultation 

Applying for Artsmark? Need guidance on how to develop your existing provision? Thinking of buying in a project? Not sure how to move forward?

Margaret’s Music has 30 years experience of developing music in schools.

In one short consultation we can help you develop a plan to expand your school’s provision in the most efficient and effective way ensuring sustainability.

Our supportive and compassionate team are also able to offer longer term support for across the term or school year.