Kemi Omoniyi
Megan jenkins 

Kemi Omoniyi 

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Our team 

Liz chambers 

Ella Thomas 
Nicki  calloo

Megan jenkins 
Ebun Omoniyi 

What does a day at summer school look like?

8.30 - 10 breakfast club

10 singing class
10.45 acting 
11.30 break ( tuck shop)
11.45 dance 

12.30 lunch - park - free time 

1.00 art workshops 
1.30  mixed group rehearsals , art workshops games 

3.00 altogether to sing reflect play a game 

3.30 home time 


After school club

Chill time 

On the first two days we will start with all the children together depending on the size of the group 

The groups will be organised into age and friendship groups in the mornings 
Level 1  age 4-6
Level 2  age 6-8
Level 3  age 9-12

Over the course of the two weeks children will be working towards putting on a show 

All children will engage in the three disciplines and have something to do as well as creating back drops and costumes 

Older children will have mane acting roles