My company, Margaret's Music LTD was established in June 2014 after I left my full time primary teaching post. We strive to work with families in the community to elevate the arts and to raise the profile of music in any community setting. 

Our services are accessed by children age 0-17. For those over 17,  I am beginning to offer opportunities to develop their own teaching skills in each of the settings. I employ a wonderful team of teachers and staff who have worked with me in various capacities over the years. 

We all have one thing in common. .. 
We are passionate about what we do and our aim now is to make our classes and provision  as accessible as possible for families from all backgrounds and all economic groups so that all our pupils are a true representation of the community we serve which is primarily Peckham Nunhead and Bermondsey

A word from Margaret....

"My greatest joy comes from helping children learn but especially helping them find their musical potential.
After qualifying as a primary school teacher in 1989 I stumbled upon a gem of a school in the heart of Southwark with an even more precious gem of a head teacher who set me on my musical journey in schools . 
He valued my musical experience and my piano playing and in my first 2 weeks encouraged me immediately to work with all the classes and teachers, teaching songs. I taught myself guitar and did as asked.

Since that time I have found my self engrossed in setting up choirs, bands and ensembles of all description. My subliminal mission has been to find those children who have desire and talent and to create as many opportunities as possible to allow this to flourish


After 8 years in my first school I felt firmly established as a primary music coordinator  and as teacher of music,  drama art and dance as well as continuing my primary class teacher responsibilities.
My next position as a core curriculum leader in science as well as being early years coordinator and music coordinator led me into the realms of creating a master plan that would incorporate quality music provision for all children but with the precise directive of setting up opportunities where children could learn orchestral instruments in school. 
During these years I built up a music department which offered orchestra, cello ensemble violin group, clarinet choir, flute group, recorder ensemble,  African percussion group samba band,  choirs,  steel bands,  xylophone ensemble , guitar groups,  rock band,  drum fun, ukulele , jazz band,  parent and baby toddler group and musical theatre as well as an acclaimed street dance squad.